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The Library Advisory Committee meets on the last Monday of each month at 10am in the Library Board Room.

Welcome to the Rockland Public Library

Monday, October 10th- Columbus Day


Thursday, September 29th at 6:00 PM
Experience Maine Talk: Carl Little

There Are Places I Remember

 co-sponsored by Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors

Poet and art writer Carl Little will present a reading with slides ,“There Are Places I Remember,” part of the library’s “Experience Maine” series co-sponsored by Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors magazine. Little is the author of Ocean Drinker: New & Selected Poems. His poems have appeared in Off the Coast, LOCUSPOINT, Down East, UMVA Journal, and the Paris Review, as well as in five anthologies edited by Wesley McNair, Maine’s former Poet Laureate. His poem “A Reminder” appears in the recently reissued Washing Lines, a collection of verse about laundry lines. 

Tuesday, October 4th at 6:30 PM
Destination Wellness: Shamanism For Power and Healing

Around the world, shamanism is a common practice for gaining knowledge and healing in indigenous as well as urban cultures. A 40,000 year old tradition, shamanism is the altering of consciousness to travel to spiritual realms to call on spirit power for the good of self, others, and all life. The term “shaman” comes from the Tungus of Siberia, but core shamanic methods are found on every continent and don't derive from any single tradition’s sacred rituals.  
In this interactive session, Susan and Chris explain key points about shamanism, and interweave questions and discussion. They’ll talk about the journey to explore spirit worlds and how to get information, power animals and spirit teachers. Most of us can learn to evolve relationships with spirit teachers and power animals for receiving guidance and healing, and we'll present some next steps for those interested (more...)


Sign Up Now for Family Place Workshops!

Family Place Workshops will take place here for five Wednesdays mornings, starting October 19th. The workshops feature toys, crafts, books and play. Community resource people will be on hand to discuss parenting questions and concerns. Family Place Libraries ™ Parent/Child Workshops involve toddlers and their parents and caregivers, with local professionals who serve as resources for parents; emphasizing the role of parents as the first teachers of their children; facilitating early intervention; and teaching strategies for healthy child development and early literacy.  Family Place Libraries™ programs are offered in more than 250 libraries across the United States.
The workshops are free; registration is limited to 15 children. To register, call 594-0310 or email:

City of Rockland Ballot Question #2 Bond Ordinance- Library Repairs and
Rockland Library Engineering Report

Completed in December, 2015, this in-depth engineering study details significant structural and water intrusion issues in the old section of the library as well as some in the new. Retirement of old debt means no tax increases.

These issues must be addressed in order to safeguard this valuable City asset, which serves about 150,000 people each year, and to ensure that this resource is preserved as a safe and secure library now, and into the future. The Bond Question (which will be on the ballot in November) and the engineering report may be found here.

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