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The Library Advisory Committee meets on the last Monday of each month at 10am in the Library Board Room.

Poetry Month Rockland Announces Annual Poetry Contest in Adult, Teen, & Child Categories

Get ready, April is National Poetry Month! TIme to get writing! Poetry Month Rockland announces the theme for its 2015 Poetry Contest: In Air, On Land, At Sea.

What do you dream about when you look up in the sky? When you stare into the sunlit ocean? What sights, sounds and smells inspire you when you walk through the woods? We encounter many daily experiences with nature and her creatures in the air, on land, and at sea. From the soaring seagull  to the rustling leaves of fall, our natural world has driven many a poet. What natural beauty affects you?


Categories are as follows: Child 1 = Pre-k to 3rd grade; Child 2 = 4th grade to 7th grade; Teen = grades 8-12; Adult = college age and beyond. Please limit entries to one poem per person.

Teens and Adults:

Poems to be submitted should focus on the theme, in all its possibilities. Line limit: approximately 40 lines (or what fits on one side of a single sheet of paper in #12 font). Two copies of the poem should be submitted, one with no identifying information, one with name, address, phone number, email (optional) on the back of the poem. Poems should be typed. Submit by mail or deliver to the Rockland Public Library at 80 Union Street no later than April 7, 2015, April 14th for teens. Write POETRY CONTEST and age category on the envelope. You may submit at any time before the deadline, so get writing.

Child 1 and Child 2:

Have you ever flown on a plane and seen something neat? How about from a boat? What do you love about swimming, hiking or watching the clouds?  Write a poem of any length (up to a single page) and describe your adventure of looking. Accompanying art is most welcome, but not required. Please provide two copies, with no name on one copy of the poem and name and contact information on the back of the second copy. Deadline: from now to April 14, 2015. Mail or deliver to Rockland Public Library at 80 Union Street, Rockland.Write POETRY CONTEST and the category on the envelope. Poems in the categories of Child 1 and Child 2 need not be typed.

Contact the Rockland Poet Laureate Carol Bachofner at  or the Rockland Public Library at 594-0310 for further information.

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